Kabiosile: afro cuban music from the source

Afro Cuban Folkloric Music of the Santeria/Lucumi Religion, on DVD and CD

Artistic rendition of oldest Chango statue in Cuba

Kabiosile presents live recordings of the Afro Cuban folkloric music of Santeria (also known as Lucumi or la Regla de Ocha), Cuba's most dynamic African spiritual tradition.

Learn to play the bata drums with El Lenguaje del Tambor : Bata Rhythms from Matanzas, Cuba.

Bata drumming is the foundation of the music of Santeria.  This comprehensive 2 disc DVD package offers more than 5 hours of bata drumming demonstrations, tutorials, and interviews on how to play the rhythms of the Oro Seco in the Santeria Lucumi tradition. In Spanish with English subtitles. Comprehensive transcriptions are also available.


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 La Fuerza del Tambor is a live recording of the power of the drums to call the Orishas.

This DVD documents the Afro Cuban folkloric ritual music of the Santeria religion as played in Matanzas, Cuba, the region considered to be la fuente (the source) of the Afro Cuban religions in Cuba.

In addition to the traditional Lucumi bata drums, the DVD also includes rare footage of the unique Lucumi Bembe Macagua drums and an unusual segment of Palo Mayombe songs accompanied by Aña.

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Vamos al Tambor is a live recording of presentations to the sacred bata drums of the Santeria religion.

The DVD is 90 minutes long and includes two separate presentations, both of which were filmed live in Matanzas, the cradle of Afro Cuban music and the Santeria religious traditions.

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Bata y Bembe de Matanzas features a complete cycle of songs for the Orishas of the Santeria religion.

The CD offers the essence of the music of Santeria, as it includes a complete oru cantado (sung cycle of songs) for all the Orishas, as sung and played during a presentation to the sacred drums in Matanzas, Cuba.

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"Another landmark production from Kabiosile."

Chris Walker

Oakland, CA


"[T]his video felt like a 1:30-hour trip to Cuba. There is no reason not to give it five stars."

Thomas Altman
Hamburg, Germany


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"To see the whole ancient Yoruba ceremony still practiced virtually intact as the day it left Africa is remarkable...."

Michael Kidd 

Scotch Plains, NJ


"The CD [is] awesome!"

Maxine Edwards 

Tampa, FL